Automatic Modular Fire Extinguishers

Automatic Modular Fire Extinguishers

Cease Fire & Electrical Services LLP gives completeAutomatic Modular Fire Extinguishers services from installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance last 25 years.

We are recognized Automatic Modular Fire Extinguishers supplier and trader in Mumbai – Maharashtra – India.

Cease Fire & Electrical Services LLP presents Automatic Modular Fire Extinguishers type ABC Clean Agent Gas along with a range of gaseous Fire Automatic Extinguishers. Automatic ABC Dry Chemical Powder or Clean Agent Gas & other gaseous Fire Extinguishers is a technological breakthrough that provides automatic fire protection for electrical and electronic flammable liquid and variety of other risks.

Auto Safe is an Automatic Extinguisher, which does not require any external source of power to operate. It can be utilized for local applications or total flooding of hazards. The Modular type Extinguisher is based on Sprinkler technology. Unlike the Sprinkler, the Nozzle is Gas-tight. The release temperature can be adjusted to suit prevailing conditions. This Extinguishers are most ideal for protection of computer area, ATM Center, server room, fuel and flammable liquid storage, oil fill-in stations, transformers, automobile garages, marine engines, paint and varnish booths, welding benches, domestic gas Storage's particularly for hotels etc., and where water damage cannot be tolerated.

These products are manufactured under the guidance of our skilled professionals to maintain a standard quality. Known for its high quality and utility, these are highly demanded by our clients spread worldwide. We also meet customized requirement for our clients benefit.

Features of Automatic Modular Fire Extinguisher:

  • Highly durable
  • Finest quality
  • Client-based
  • Affordable price
  • Leak proof
  • Rust free
  • Easy handling
  • Affordable price

Automatic Modular Fire Extinguishers Avaible in 2 type

  • Steel Grip
  • Vale Tip

Returns Policy: Once goods sold will not be taken back.

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