Foam Fire Extinguisher

Foam Fire Extinguisher

Cease Fire & Electrical Services LLP gives complete Foam Fire Extinguisher services from installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance last 25 years.

We are recognized Foam Fire Extinguisher supplier and trader in Mumbai – Maharashtra – India.

Cease Fire & Electrical Services LLP Foam Fire Extinguishers are useful for Class 'A'& Class 'B' Foam fire extinguishers are one of the most common types of fire extinguisher, and are generally used for fires involving flammable solids and liquids, such as Paints, Solvents and fats like Grease and Oils. These Foam Extinguishers kill fire by cutting off the supply of atmospheric oxygen into the burning surface and thus cooling down it.

Foam fire extinguisher uses:

  • Fires involving flammable solids, such as paper, wood, and textiles ('class A' fires)
  • Fires involving some flammable liquids, such as petrol, diesel, and paint ('class B' fires)

Do not use foam fire extinguishers for:

  • Cooking fires involving oil and grease, such as chip pan fires ('class F' fires)
  • Fires involving flammable gases, like methane and butane ('class C' fires)

How it works:

Firstly, they are mainly water-based and so have the same cooling effect as water extinguishers, putting the fire out by lowering the temperature.

Secondly, they contain 'Aqueous Film Forming Foam' (this is why they are also known as AFFF foam extinguishers).

AFFF works by smothering the fire and sealing in the flammable vapours. This prevents the fire re-igniting. It also allows foam fire extinguishers to put out flammable liquid fires, by creating a cut off between the liquid's surface and the flames. Most of Foam extinguishers have a very complex activation mechanism. They require the user to cut a metal seal with pliers, shake the extinguisher vigorously, turn it upside down and bang it on the floor to activate it. All this in the midst of a fire!

Our Foam extinguishers, on the other hand, use the squeeze grip mechanism, making them faster and easier to use. The proprietary stored pressure technology also delivers high power throw, making these extinguishers extremely effective.

Foam Fire Extinguisher Avaible in 2 type

  • Steel Grip
  • Vale Tip

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