Photoelectric Smoke Detector

Photoelectric Smoke Detector

The photoelectric smoke detectors are capable of detecting visible combustion gases emanating from fires and shall employ the forward light-scatter principle.

The point-type photoelectric smoke detectors are equally sensitive to a wide range of combustible materials. The design of the point-type photoelectric smoke detector sensing chamber is optimized to minimize the effect of dust deposit over a period of time. The chamber cover is removable for ease of cleaning or replacement. The point-type photoelectric smoke detectors is incorporate screens designed to prevent all but the very smallest of insects from entering the sensing chamber, (50 holes per square centimeter or more).

The photoelectric smoke detectors is designed to have high resistance to contamination and corrosion and shall include RFI screening to minimize the effect of radiated and conducted electrical interference.

Our Photo Electric Smoke Detectors have available the following versions of the point type photoelectric smoke detector to meet different

  • Analogue addressable
  • Conventional - normal sensitivity
  • Conventional – normal sensitivity – delayed response
  • Conventional – normal sensitivity – Intrinsically Safe

The photoelectric smoke detector shall incorporate two LED's, clearly visible from the outside, to provide indication of alarm actuation. In locations where the detector is not readily visible, remote indicator units shall be provided.

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