Single Door Hose Box

Single Door Hose Box

We supply best quality Single Door Hose Box in Mumbai, India.

Single Hose Box to accommodate 1 length of 15 / 30 Mtrs. 63mm Fire Hose and 1 No. short branch pipe.

Hose Boxes fabricated from M.S./ S.S./ FRP for storage of Fire Hoses and nozzles. Single and Double Hose Boxes available.
MOC : M.S. Sheet 16 to 18 SWG / SS 304 sheet 18 SWG/ FRP
Single Hose Box : for accommodating 1 No. 15 Mtr Hose and one nozzle.
Approximate size :450mm x 450mm x 250mm
Sizes : Width 450mm x Length 450mm x Deep 250mm
Material : M.S., FRP, SS

Returns Policy: Once goods sold will not be taken back.

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