Water Co2 Fire Extinguisher

Water Co2 Fire Extinguisher

Cease Fire & Electrical Services LLP gives complete Water Co2 Fire Extinguisher services from installation, testing, commissioning and maintenance last 25 years.

We are recognized Water Co2 Fire Extinguisher supplier and trader in Mumbai – Maharashtra – India.

We excel in providing our clients with a huge range of high on value Fire Extinguishers Water Co2 Type. These extinguishers are use CO2 and water store with pressure released on the surface and is most effective in guarding electrical fire and provide safety against "A" class of the fire which involves material like wood, paper, cloth, plastics & fiber, rubber etc. Which is available with us at reasonable prices. These products are manufactured using optimum quality raw material, which are sourced from the most leading and reliable vendor of the market. The offered range of CO2 fire extinguishers is known for handling/extinguishing small fires. This range is known for stopping chemicals chain reaction as CO2 removes oxygen from the source of fire.

Water Co2 Fire Extinguisher Features:

  • Uses inert gas-CO2
  • Flame knockdown property
  • Leaves no residue
  • Ideal for tackling liquids

Water Co2 Fire Extinguisher Specifications:

Type: Upright and Trolley Mounted

Use for:

Organic materials such as:
  • Paper and cardboard
  • Fabrics and textiles
  • Wood and coal

Do not use for:

  • Fires involving electrical equipment
  • Kitchen fires
  • Flammable gas and liquids

How water extinguishers work:

The water has a cooling effect on the fuel, causing it to burn much more slowly until the flames are eventually extinguished.

Types of premises/business who may need water extinguishers:

The water has a cooling effect on the fuel, causing it to burn much more slowly until the flames are eventually extinguished.
  • Buildings constructed of wood or other organic materials
  • Premises where there are organic materials to be found such as:
    • Offices
    • Schools
    • Hospitals
    • Residential properties
    • Warehouses
In fact most buildings need either water or foam extinguishers.

Water spray extinguishers – difference:

Water spray extinguishers are equipped with a spray nozzle, rather than a jet nozzle, meaning a greater surface area can be covered more quickly and the fire put out more rapidly.

Water mist extinguishers – difference:

Water mist extinguishers have a different type of nozzle again which releases microscopic water particles. These particles 'suffocate' the fire and also create a wall of mist between the fire and the person using the extinguisher, reducing the feeling of heat.

Capacity: 9, 50, 35, 150 litres

Water Co2 Fire Extinguisher Avaible in 2 type

  • Steel Grip
  • Vale Tip

Returns Policy: Once goods sold will not be taken back.

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